About Us - DJ

Good day, and I welcome you to my site. I am Ralph Anderson and I got started designing and building websites almost eight years back. Truth be told I'm actually a mechanic by trade, therefore the change to building websites was somewhat overwhelming, however I slipped into it successfully and at present it simply is "what I do". To be truthful I've found it a fascinating challenge, brainstorming concepts and implementing them, sometimes hoping to earn some cash out of it and oftentimes merely doing it just for fun. This particular website is a tad of both.

It has generally been my objective to make easy to use, simple websites that are quick loading and hassle free. With luck I have achieved that with this site so that you have enjoyed your visit, or maybe at least not been disappointed by it.

I am not a DJ myself so please do not contact me with any questions related to booking a DJ or to obtain estimates for DJ services, this website was designed to lead you through the different ways to search for a suitable DJ by yourself.

I don't endorse or recommend any specific service, I have simply given you some options for finding one, the decision is ultimately yours to make.

I hope to to welcome you here once again sometime soon and thanks a lot yet again for visiting.